Frequently Asked Questions

Creating Products

How do I upload my pictures?

To upload your pictures go to the scrapbook printing link on the website click on upload, and then follow the directions. You will need your files in JPEG format and we prefer them to be in the RGB (default color) color setting. The site will only allow files smaller than 10mb to be uploaded which will handle any properly formatted 12x12. For the best results and highest image quality, always submit the original, largest size, high-resolution digital file you have. Do not use cell phone images or web site images. We will make free enhancements to brightness and color, however we cannot improve images that are provided to us as poor quality. This includes images that are out of focus, low-resolution or pixelated.

Why is the uploader taking so long?

This could be the cause of many different things. Check your internet connection & speed. It could be that the uploader is experiencing high volumes. If this is happening, feel free to use our "alternate uploader" in the bottom left corner of our printing page. You need to make sure your computer is running the latest version of Microsoft Silverlight. The uploader should prompt you to update it when necessary.

Do I need to format my pages to a specific size?

Yes. A 4x6 is not a 12x12. As long as they are formatted in the correct aspect ratio and are at an acceptable dpi (300 is what we recommend) your pages will be beautiful. If you designed at 12x12 but are ordering 8x8 there would be no need to resize the files. Files typically print to a standard level of acceptance if they are at least 150dpi, there is however a visible difference between 150 and 300. The printing world uses 300dpi as a standard resolution or dpi setting. Files at 110dpi and lower are not quality standard.

What if I am ordering and my paypal payment will not go through?

The way paypal communicates with our shopping cart does not allow for you to go back after you complete the paypal payment. Once you have submitted the paypal information you need to click on place order. If you go back to our site to edit you order you will have errors. If you have already done this you can choose under the pickup and delivery tab to pickup in store, and under the payment tab choose pay in store. Please put ship and paypal in special instructions and we will take care of it from there. Your initial authorization with paypal will automatically drop off your account.

What is dpi or resolution?

For practical purposes, dpi and resolution mean the same thing. Resolution is how many dots per inch (dpi) there are in your photo. We recommend files that are 300dpi, which produces a 12x12" print that is 3600 x 3600 pixels.

While we recommend 300dpi, because it produces the best results, we get adequate results from any file that is at least 125dpi.

Will my pages have a border?

No, we print with a full bleed. The only issues this causes is when you design your pages with a very small border, or if you place text right on the border.

Do your prints have white borders?

If you want they can, but by default they do not. We print full bleed (edge to edge) prints. We actually look at what is being trimmed off and make sure that it isn't trimming any text or making borders appear to be uneven. In the printing world you would leave about 1/4" on the edge of your page as non critical data (text, pictures, etc). Please keep this in mind as you are designing your pages!

Can I design my pages with a border around the edge?

Sure, just keep in mind that regardless of how hard we adjust it, you may still have 1/16" of an inch cut off due to paper feed alignment. With that in mind, design your borders a little thicker than intended, (1/8-1/16"), as well as photo's and text.

What is photo paper?

We print on true photographic photo paper. The term is very lightly used because of inkjet and laser printers. True photographic paper goes through chemicals to develop, has very archival qualities and is also water proof. Why use Photo Paper? The chemicals are processed into the paper, where a laser or inkjet printer lays the ink on the top. This paper is scratch resistant, water proof, and has a shelf like of over 100 years without fading! We optimize every print by adjusting controls in our equipment to make your print the best possible print we can. We adjust brightness, contrast, and sharpness. We align your print to have as minimal trimming (less than 1/16th of an inch) as possible.

How long will my prints last before they start to fade?

Standard print tests are done to test prints that are in an album or stored in a box. In the photographic paper industry, Wilhelm Research is considered by most to be the best standard to use. They rate the prints at an 80 -100 yr life. This is not true if you have the print hung in a window facing sunlight all day. There are tests done by facilities that use a much lighter standard and they will give estimates of 200-300 yr life, but experience tells us that they are overstating their archival nature.

Can you scan my old scrapbook pages and print them on archival paper?

Yes, but it does require that we have the actual pages or single prints. Our standard price is $1.00 per page to scan and then you pay standard print prices. We do have volume prices for orders over 200 files. If you are interested in scanning please contact us via email at