Photo Books

Photo Books

Photo books provide a great way to archive and display your events and life. We produce the highest quality covers and provide a great product using a perfect binder, and the newest technology in digital press printing. They provide a simple and great way to share your adventures with others.

Because our photo books are printed using a different system than our prints, it is important that you make sure your designs and photos are properly adjusted for color and brightness, as there is not as much ability to make adjustments to individual pages.

Options for Design and Printing

Depending on your preferences and needs in creating your photo books, one of our available options may be better for your project:

Download and use our PaperKiwi book creation software on your home computer
  • Lots of options for customization of design
  • Use your owns fonts from your computer
  • Save your projects to your hard drive

Design and Print Online
  • Projects are created and store online, so you don't need to download anything to your computer
  • Doesn't require hard drive space

Choose an option to get started:

Hard Cover Landscape Landscape Landscape Landscape

Sizes & Pricing
Hard Cover 6x6 $16.99
8x6 $18.99
8x6 Simplex $13.99
8x8 $19.99
8.5x11, 11x8.5 $29.99
9x7 $27.99
10x8 $24.99
12x9 $29.99
12x12 $39.99
Flip Book 6x6 $9.99
8x8 $10.99
8.5x11 $13.99
Mini Book 6x4 $12.99
7x5 $14.99
Proof Book 6x6 $9.99
8x6 $10.99
8.5x11 $14.99
12x12 $34.99
Book Covers 8x6 $6.99
11x8.5 $7.99